Diaspora Speaker Series

The Normandale Community College Diaspora Speaker Series provides the opportunity for members of our campus community to learn from experts on topics related to the concept of diaspora. If video is available for the event, it is archived here.

Video: Nausheena Hussain Speaker Event

“Using Fiction to Write Across Chasms: Imagination as Bridge”
Can words and stories actually heal? Can they be used to recuperate and fill in histories that have been lost or forgotten? Can stories illuminate connections between groups with violent, difficult histories? In the case of the Middle Passage, for example, can what was lost there ever be even partially recovered through the imagination? What of the stories told by those on either side of the Atlantic — what is missing and what is embellished of those who were taken or who left later, those who stayed, and those who exist somewhere between? In this talk, Gibney explores the politics and aesthetics of using the imagination to build a bridge across silence, and mistold stories in the African diaspora and beyond. Video not available for this event.

Video: Dr. Susan Brower/LUNA speaking event

Dr. Erika Lee’s author website

Video: Dameun Strange Speaker Event

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