Resources by Discipline

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Artistic Production and Cultural Identity in U.S. Diasporic and Immigrant Communities, Asia Society, 2005

Minnesota Street Project (Many of the artists are from diaspora communities.)

Museum of the African Diaspora (MOAD), San Francisco

Ashley Brandson, “Ojibwe Photographer Produces Positive Images of Indigenous People,” APTN News, 2019


Diaspora and Migration: A Reading List, PEN America, 2019

Elif Shafak, “What it Means to Belong in Many Places at Once,” LitHub, 2020

Out from the Shadows of Minneapolis, MCTC/Minneapolis College, 2019

Sana Hussain, “Belonging and Identity Through Literature,” The Missing Slate, 2013

Vietnamese-American Literary Studies (multimodal resource site created by Jen Bouchard), 2019


Best African and African Diaspora Books, LibraryThing

Queer Armenian Library


Sonia Gil, “The Origins of Cuban Music and its Cultural and Spiritual Importance of Within the Cuban Diaspora Community,” Inquiries Journal, 2015



Maiysha Kai, “African, American: Danai Gurira Hits Home with Her Latest Play, Familiar,” The Root, 2018

World Languages and Cultures

Victoria Sanchez Cruz, “Me gritaron negra/They called me black” (poem)

Afro Style Magazine

African Voices of Paris (multimodal resource site created by Jen Bouchard), 2018

Emily Hwang, “Chinatown in Peru? A Brief Look at the Chinese Diaspora in Latin America,” Panoramas, 2016

“Life Between Borders: Black Migrants in Mexico” (short film)

Business and Social Sciences


Christopher Dewolf, “The Origin of Hong Kong’s Mexico Bun: A Story of Exile and Return,” Zolima City Mag, 2019


Godfried Agyeman Asante, “Becoming ‘Black’ in America: Exploring Racial Identity in the Development of African Immigrants,” Mankato State University: Cornerstone, 2012


Kathleen Newland and Sonia Plaza, “What We Know About Diasporas and Economic Development,” Migration Policy Institute, 2013


A Different Asian-American Timeline

“Interview: Historian Erika Lee on the ‘Traumatic’ History of Chinese Immigration to the U.S.,” Asia Society, 2016.

Mariana Viera, “How the Chicanx Civil Rights Movement Mobilized a Generation of Mexican Americans,” Teen Vogue, 2018

Law Enforcement

Mark Obbie, “One Street in Minnesota Separates Radically Different Policing Strategies,” Take Part, 2015


Political Science

Cory Nelson, “Who are Minnesota’s Refugees?” MPR, 2017

Steven Vertovec, “The Political Importance of Diasporas,” Migration Policy Institute, 2005


Sociology and Anthropology

“Diaspora Community,” Religious Literacy Project, Harvard Divinity School, 2019

Women’s Studies

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Education


Stanton E.F. Wortham, “Understanding New Immigrant Communities,” Penn Graduate School of Education, 2019






Health Sciences

BU Public Health Conversations

ASTHO Healthy Equity Leadership Summit

SOPHE Equity and Anti-Racism Approaches to Public Health

APHA Health Equity

21st Century Dental-Medical Team Equity lesson plansHealth Equity Leadership Summit | State Public Health | ASTHO

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