Student Voices

These pieces were written by Normandale students who identify as members of diaspora communities. Our Normandale community is grateful for their willingness to share their wisdom and insights. Are you a Normandale student with a piece of writing, art, music, video (or any other form of expression) to share? Please email Internationalization Coordinator Jen Bouchard

Lujayn Ahmed, “Embracing My Religion”

Jacqueline Akuamoah-Boateng, “Pause, Reset, Move On

Hamde Daoud, “Finding My Own Path”

Fatoumata Jaiteh, “The Power and Progression of Inevitable Change”

Sarah Malik, “Not a Snake in Sight

Vu Nguyen, “Overcoming Language Barriers and Cultural Shock: How to Adapt to a New Life in the United States Quickly for New Immigrants?

Tenzin Phuntsock, “Facing the Clouds

Mannal Sadiq, “The Unknown Blessing of Tenth Grade Biology

Vivi Wandji, “Immigrant Family and the Unknown”

Dianny Puentes-Westenfield, “Moving to the United States”

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