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I am Part of a Diaspora

“Am I Part of a Diaspora?” IdEA, 2012

(Diaspora communities listed in order of appearance in the video.)

Armenian Diaspora

David Gonzalez, “Following the Global Armenian Diaspora,” New York Times, 2014

Lisa Boghosian Papas, “The Armenians of Minnesota: A 100-Year History,” AGBU, 1999

Becky Z. Dernbach, “Minnesota Book-Lover Collects Hidden Stories Into a New Queer Armenian Library,” Sahan Journal, 2020

German Diaspora

Germans in Minnesota, Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2003

Hispanic Diaspora

Dania Santana, “What Makes a Latino, Hispanic or Latinx?” Embracing Diversity, 2017

“Minnesota’s Hispanic Population: 5 Interesting Trends,” Minnesota Compass, 2014

Palestinian Diaspora

“Palestinian Diaspora,”, 2008

Persian Diaspora

Amir Pagherpour, “The Iranian Diaspora in America: Thirty Years in the Making,” Frontline, 2010

Miguel Otárola, “Iranian Fire Festival Glows Brightly in Edina Neighborhood,” Star Tribune, 2018

Jewish Diaspora

Robert Seltzer, “Ancient Jewish Diaspora,” My Jewish Learning, 1980

Laura Weber, “From Exclusion to Integration: The Story of Jews in Minnesota, MNopedia, 2015

African Diaspora

Geoffrey Migiro, “Where is the African Diaspora?”, WorldAtlas, 2018.

African Development Center of Minnesota

Somali Diaspora

Phillip Connor and Jens Manuel Krogstad, “Five Facts about the Global Somali Diaspora,” Pew Research Center, 2016

Arthur Nazaryan and Kyle Almond, “Somalis Finding Their Place in Minnesota,” CNN, 2018

Somali Museum of Minnesota

Becoming Minnesotan: Stories of Recent Immigrants and Refugees – Somali, Minnesota Historical Press, 2017

Anduin Wilhide, “Somali and Somali-American Experiences in Minnesota,” MNopedia, 2018

Bosnian Diaspora

Danijel Kovacevic, “Half of All Bosnians Live Outside Bosnia,” Balkan Insight, 2017

Andy Steiner, “We live together: How a group dedicated to helping Rochester’s immigrants and refugees has evolved to meet community needs,” MPR, 2019

Chicanx Diaspora

Roque Planas, “Chicano: What Does the Word Mean and Where Does it Come From?” HuffPost Latino Voices, 2012

Joseph Flores, “From Chicano to Xicanx: A Brief History of a Political and Cultural Identity,” Daily Dot, 2017

Latinx Diaspora

Antonio Flores, “Facts on U.S. Latinos: Statistical Portrait of Latinos in the United States,” 2015.

Marcela Cuellar, “Understanding Latinx College Diversity and Why It Matters,” Higher Ed.ucation Today, 2018

Becoming Minnesotan: Stories of Recent Immigrants and Refugees – Latino, Minnesota Historical Society, 2017

Jeff Kolnick, “Minnesotanos: Latino Journeys in Minnesota,” MNopedia, 2017

Latvian Diaspora

Andris Straumanis, “Latvian Americans,” Countries and Their Cultures, 2002

“Ambassador Teikmanis Opens Honorary Latvian Consulate in Minnesota,” Embassy of the Republic of Latvia to the United States of America,” 2019

Zimbabwean Diaspora

Wadzanai Mhute, “The Zimbabwe of My Youth is No More,” New York Times, 2017

More Diaspora Communities in Minnesota

The SEAD Project: Southeast Asian Diaspora Storytelling

Senegalese Association of Minnesota

Chinese-American Association of Minnesota

Japan America Society of Minnesota

American Swedish Institute of Minnesota

Danish American Center of Minnesota

#MinneAsianStories, Coalition of Asian American Leaders

Preethi Mathur, “From the Ganges to 10,000 Lakes: Immigration from India to Minnesota,” MNopedia, 2017

Thomas D. Peacock, “The Ojibwe: Our Historical Role in Influencing Contemporary Minnesota,” MNopedia, 2013

What is Diaspora?


“What is a Diaspora?” IDEA

Kevin Kenny, “10 Things to Understand About Diaspora,” Oxford University Press, 2013

Jualynne Dodson, “When is it a Diaspora?” PRI, 2016


“Diasporas and Identities,” International Migration Institute, 2019

“Understanding the American Identity Means Listening to Immigrants,” The Aspen Institute, 2018

“What Does It Mean to be an American Today?” Smithsonian Second Opinion, 2019

Diaspora & Identity: Dispersion, People, Homeland

Location and Movement

Moving People, Changing Places

Moving Stories: Reimagining Migration

Welcoming America

Michelle’s Diaspora Story

Diasporas of Native People

Native Diasporas (book)

Hansi Lo Wang, “The Map of Native American Tribes You’ve Never Seen Before,” Code Switch, MPR, 2014


Roque Planas, “Why the Spanish Language Isn’t ‘Foreign’ in the United States,” HuffPost Latino Voices, 2016

Central American Immigration

Gabriel Lesser and Jeanne Batalova, “Central American Immigrants in the United States,” Migration Policy Institute, 2017

Njia’s Diaspora Story

Transatlantic Slave Trade

“The Atlantic Slave Trade: What Too Few Textbooks Told You,” TED-Ed, 2014

“Enslavement and the Underground Railroad,” Black Culture Connection, 2019

Land Base

Colin Palmer, “Defining and Studying the Modern African Diaspora,” AHA: Perspectives on History, 1998

Retaining Culture

“African Diaspora Culture,” Slavery and Remembrance, 2019

African Diaspora and Black Identities

Dwayne Wong, “Why Our African Identity Matters,” HuffPost Black Voices, 2017

National Museum of African American History and Culture Online Library

Reclaiming Identity and Culture

Cierra Lockett, “The Complex Art of Reclaiming African Culture,” HuffPost Black Voices, 2015


Laila Lalami, “What Does It Take to ‘Assimilate’ in America?” New York Times Magazine, 2017.

Predominantly White Institutions

Bedelia Nicola Richards, “How to Create Inclusive Environments for Black Students on Predominantly White College Campuses,” Scholars Strategy Network, 2019

Diaspora Assets

Cultural Values

Cultural Survival

“Humility,” Sh’ma Now, 2017

Interpreting and Translation

“The Translators,” Armenian Language Resources, 2006

“10 Questions: Marjorie Faulstich Orellana on the Immigrant Child Translator,” UCLA Center for World Languages, 2019

Queer Latinx Identities

“Being Latinx and LGBTQ: An Introduction,” Human Rights Campaign, 2019

Gary Santos Mendoza, “Queer Latinx…Yep, We’re Here,” Diverse Issues in Education, 2019

Code-Switching and Passing

Nadra Kareem Niddle, “What is the Definition of Passing for White?” ThoughtCo, 2019


Immigrant Stories, University of Minnesota


Kimberlé Crenshaw, “The Urgency of Intersectionality,” TED, 2016

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